My Bible Coloring Book This is a 4.5"x5.5" booklet printed on four 8.5x11" sheets of paper, printed back to back. Once printed, cut the paper across the middle and arrange the pages in number order. Fold and staple in the fold. This book has been translated into Spanish and French. If you would like to translate it into other languages, send me a note.  

Bible Coloring Book Teaching Posters These 8.5 x 11"(regular lettersize) posters duplicate the illustrations and text from "My Bible Coloring Book:". The illustrations are in full color and have a scripture reference. There are 31 pages. You may want to write out a short version of the story on the back so you can read it as you hold up the picture. It might be good to laminate the sheets to use over and over.

Download Now My Bible Coloring Book (English) 556kb

Download Now Mon Livre de Bible a Colorier (French) 720kb

Download Now Mi Libro para Colorear Biblia (Spanish) 584kb


Download Now Bible Coloring Book Teaching Posters 1850kb



Gods Plan Coloring Book This eight-page booklet is printed on four 8.5 x 11" sheets of paper, folded and stapled. The text and illustrations are from the Book of Acts, telling the way to be saved and what the earliest churches did to worship God. This book was illustrated by the children in an elementary school Bible Class in Libby Montana.


SuperHeroes "Trading Cards" Print out a set of 72 trading cards (18 pages) for each student, fold & glue halves together then cut out 4 cards per page. These pdf versions are not as clear as the original word doc's. If you'd like a color printout of the word docs to copy from, let me know. These are about 200 kb each.

Download Now Gods Plan Coloring Book (English) 633kb

Download Now Apprend le Plan de Dieu (French) 473 kb

Download Now Aprender el Plan de Dios (Spanish) 405 kb


Download Now Superhero Trading Cards (.pdf version)

pages 1-2 Satan, Noah
pages 3-4 Abraham, Joseph
pages 5-6 Moses, Joshua
pages 7-8 Ruth, Samuel
pages 9-10 David, Elijah
pages 11-12 Daniel, Esther
pages 13-14 John Baptist, Mary
pages 15-16 Jesus, Peter
pages 17-18 Paul, Timothy

Coming Soon Lesson Pages for each SuperHero


Lesson Plans These are notes for teaching through the Bible

Download Now Time Traveler Lesson Plans (434 kb)

Download Now Basic Bible Outline (67 kb) Through the Bible, two pages.



Games - Here is an assortment of bible-based games

Download Now Jesus Prophecy Flash Cards (452 kb)

Download Now Bible Bingo (1033 kb)

Download Now Bible Review Game (71 kb)

Download Now Consequences Matching Game (150 kb)

Download Now Ten Commandments Toy (95 kb)

Download Now Is Jesus Who He Said Prophecy Flash Cards (102 kb)

Download Now Bible Flash Cards (40kb) Page1 Page2 Page3Page4


Classroom Projects

Download Now 10 Memory Verses Project (84 kb)

Download Now Books of the Bible Keyring (242 kb)

Download Now Fruit of the Spirit Tree (126 kb)

Download Now Miracles Flash Cards (359 kb)

Download Now New Testament Family Paper Dolls (241 kb)

Download Now Who is God Puzzle (107 kb)

Download Now Elijah's Raven fold-up bird (158 kb)



Worksheets and Lesson Handouts

Download Now Class Projects Genesis to David (12 pages 294 kb)

Download Now Class Projects Solomon to Nehemiah (8 pages 488 kb)

Download Now Class Projects John Baptist to Revelation (8 pages 272 kb)

Download Now Promises to Abraham (69 kb)

Download Now Abrahams Family Tree (78 kb)

Download Now MT 21 28-32 the Two Sons (97 kb)

Download Now Jonah and the Big Fish (90 kb)


Clip Art you might use for coloring pages, T-shirts etc

Download Now Classroom Poster 1 Corinthians 10:13 (250 kb)

Download Now Kingdom Attitudes Castle (195 kb)

Download Now Do Right Award (93 kb)

Download now Heart Shape Cutouts (196 kb)




Contact me if you have problems with this site. Patty Johnson



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